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Software is not magic!

While it may seem like it sometimes, software isn’t somehow capable of doing everything you want it to do in an instant. It take a great deal of effort for developers to write the code that makes software do the seemingly magical.

I find that users often forget this. They wonder why things don’t necessarily work exactly how they would imagine. I’ve often been told “You’d think it could do this”. Unfortunately, the imagination of users is almost always 2-3 steps ahead of what has been achieved.

That said, users shouldn’t despair. Let your software vendor know what you would like it to do. If enough people ask, they will usually add it to their list of enhancements. Just don’t expect it to happen in an instant…

Nice employment branding video from Adidas. Doesn’t make me want to work there, but I’m not that sporty, so I’m not in the target demographic. I’m always sceptical of employment branding when it really appeals to me at first, but it’s pretty clear the actual experience of working there wouldn’t suit me.


In New York

After years of hoping and planning, I have finally arrived in New York for 2 years.

On the plus side, I’ve been lucky enough to have been able to bring my work with me. I hope to be able to provide my company’s unique consulting offering to an enormous new market. I’m learning business development fast…

On the down side, my wonderful partner has a similarly great opportunity to work in Chile for a while, so I have to be in New York on my own for now.

So right now I’m looking for an apartment, settling in to a new city, wondering “where does one buy a laundry bag you can take to the laundromat?” and trying to find my inner salesperson!


Does helping managers help the employee?

This is probably a deliberately cheeky title designed to get you reading, only to discover it’s not what you thought it would be about…

Recently, I was discussing the benefits of a particular Talent Management suite and mentioned that it included a “writing assistant” for manager comments on performance reviews. In essence, this means that suggested comments can be attached to different ratings against competencies in the system. The manager gives a rating and a standard comment is suggested. This helps managers when it comes time to write their comments on performance reviews as it at least gives them a starting point.

The person I was talking to asked an interesting question though. She wondered if it was helpful to the employee if all they got was a “canned” comment which wasn’t really relevant to them. Since one of the key purposes of a performance review is to help the employee to improve, perhaps the comment needs to be tailored to the individual rather than something generic.

I think the answer lies somewhere in the middle. Let’s face it, managers hate doing performance reviews. Anything we can provide to get them adding meaningful comments is better than nothing.

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